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Personalized Mentorship

Personalized Mentorship is an invitation to deepen into your embodiment and soul connection with guidance. To have me in your corner. Here to guide and cheerlead you into the recognition, acceptance and authentic presentation of the human and divine being you are here to be in this life!

I work with five clients at a time over 6 to 12 month periods. It is an intimate relationship. You become a part of my devotional work and prayers. I am on retainer for you. A shaman in your pocket, if you will.

Please, reach out if you would like to know if I am currently taking new clients or to get on my waitlist.

Who Do I Work With?

I am here to support humans who know they are walking a spiritual path. 
Who are intuitive and aware of the insightful gifts they are here to give.

Who choose to continually deepen their trust in themselves and source.

Who open their hearts to serve and receive. 

Who have struggled, at times, to give their love with healthy boundaries.

The medicine people. 

Who explore and claim their own wild, divine, and human nature in their own unique ways.

Who are called to dive deep. 

Existential cliff jumpers.

Who are no strangers to expanding into new ways of seeing and comprehending.

Who choose healthy (and at times, potentially, unhealthy) amounts of surrender.

Who yearn to continually step into even greater alignment within themselves.

To feel more deeply, embody more fully, and live more authentically. 

Who are either already living the lives they’re here to lead,

And creating the worlds they’re here to create

Or committed to getting there in this lifetime.

Who consistently work towards greater harmony within and around them,

For themselves and others.

Who recognize their own innate power to heal themselves,

And the power of receiving support in navigating internal blocks. 

I am here to support the humans,

Who are here to heal their subconscious patterns, core wounds, past lives, ancestral imprints, and more,

To more fully step into living a life of integrity with their deepest truths.

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