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"If you intuitively feel like working with Coral, get ready, it will change your life!"

"When I met Coral I immediately knew she had extremely special gifts and that I was meant to learn from her. You can feel the love and wisdom she carries.


She was able to guide me into my spiritual truth I didn’t even know existed. Coral intuitively knew what I needed. I felt recharged and empowered every time I left a session.


Over my months working with Coral, my realization of what life was all about and who I really was completely changed. I now understand the magic and truth of why I am here."

-  Ruben B.

"This work supports me in reclaiming important aspects of myself."

"It is powerful, deep, beautiful, persistent and clear. I feel safe, understood and met.


Coral is both calming and assertive in her approach and calls me into a space of deep healing.


We’ve had sessions where I’ve been in intense physical trigger and able to instantly clear the pain.


I am left with immense gratitude, empowerment, clarity, relief and release."


- Aeiya Joy, Founder of Dragon Bodhi

"Working with Coral has helped me uncover more of what I needed to understand than any other practice."

“Coral is an amazing practitioner, listener, and facilitator for moving through karmic patterns, limiting beliefs, and anything else you may be unconsciously allowing to sabotage your own brilliance.


So grateful for this Sister and her gentle wisdom and powerful gifts! Perhaps she is just what the Goddess ordered for you, as well.”

-Kaewyn P., owner of Denver's largest Metaphysical store for 20 years

"This is the future of therapy."

"I am truly honest when I say that I have never felt more resonance with a therapeutic practitioner before.


Coral is incredibly educated and knowledgable. She always manages to surprise me with her vast intellectual treasure trove of teachings about spiritual practices and systems, medicines, and deep understanding of human nature and relational dynamics.

Coral is an extremely talented voice healing coach as well as space holder for processing trauma. The profound insights that come out of our sessions are constantly bringing me to new levels of understanding.

Coral has this beautiful balance of gentle nurturer and fiery elevator of consciousness and knows how to appropriately use her embodiments to support her client."

-Kate V., founder of Sensual Self Love

"If you haven’t experienced one of Coral's offerings I would recommend you just go ahead and book one now!!"

"Coral masterfully led me through the most profound shamanic journey I had ever been through. The details of the visualizations made it easy to see in my mind's eye while giving enough space in between to allow me to explore the visions fully.


There were points that I literally went to the heavens while staying grounded enough to decipher meaning from the experiences. She helped me explore the visions for deeper meaning while holding space for the emotions that were arising with ease and grace.

This experience was so beautifully profound and the container that Coral holds made me feel so safe, heard, and loved!"

-Logan N.

"Coral is a powerful medicine woman."

"Her depth of experience and personal embodiment is palpable. I have received a few sessions from Coral but our session yesterday was quite literally one of the most deep and powerful sessions I've had with a practitioner before. Coral creates a very safe and well held container that allowed for very deep and previously very well hidden patterns to emerge.


Coral's own confidence and experience with navigating other astral realms and dimensions allowed her to journey with me through material which really blew my mind. Today I feel lighter and more at peace within myself than I have in a long, long time. I look forward to continuing to work with Coral. She is truly a gift."

-  Emily R.

"Coral creates a comfortable, inviting, supportive and natural space for going into deep layers of healing."

"Working with Coral has been very powerful & transformative for me.


I feel I have been able to unlock & heal deep rooted issues that were very present in my life, yet I had resistance to addressing.

She is very gifted and I am grateful to have her guidance navigating."

-  Nika S.

"I haven't ever felt so heard and seen in the depths of my Soul as in session with Coral."

"I felt so safe and heard from a real deep place, guided into layers and zones within that I didn't know were possible to experience like that.

I felt Coral was able to see the vulnerable place I was in when I came to her. She really guided me strongly and gently through the healing steps.

I felt understood and also felt space was given for me to find my own words to describe what I was feeling.

I was really impressed by her confidence and accuracy in finding the core root and helping me to transform it.

- Naia D., Artist

"For anyone looking to do transformative inner work, I highly recommend Coral."

"It has been incredibly helpful to gain insight into the specifics of stories and contracts that I have been holding onto since childhood which do not serve my growth and development.

I am able to walk away with articulate clarity of how my stories began, what they were, what contracts I am ready to end, and new vows to myself moving forward."

-  Oliva F.

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