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Oracular Artistry

Oracular Playshops

Before, during and after any initiatory experience, including psychedelics, a mythopoetic and archetypal understanding of the journey is necessary to carry the initiate from one reality to an entirely different reality with stability, community support and reverence. Without this framework, one does not take advantage of the navigational technology of a ceremony or trip.  This Oracular Playshop invites seekers to journey through their own story emerging on the other side with a new sense of self.

Playshops range in archetypal theme. Contact Coral to schedule.

Oracular Artistry Troupe

The regeneration of culture comes from the somatic experience of normalized experiences of connection and cathexis. This troupe exists to hold space for large, immersive ritual spaces where humans can experience a new way of tuning into truth and freedom of expression.

Upcoming Rituals in the works. Reach out with questions about participation or scheduling of the troupe.

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